How to Stream Your Music Into Second Life – Six Software Source Clients Compared

Were you informed that the audio could be streamed into the same engineering being used by Second Life as internet-radio? Getting this new audience your audio takes a Shoutcast source customer, which directs a loading host, which consequently rebroadcasts your audio to all of the fans in Second Life your audio.

This short article provides the key options in Shoutcast/Icecast source customers. This supply customer may be software’s piece that operates on your PC, linking the audio you and the server perform.

What it will

The Shoutcast/Icecast streaming supply customer encodes it right into a marketing flow requires audio feedback from the plan or equipment system, and directs a server the media stream. Setup is required by each action of the procedure, and each plan varies of wherever you might find these configurations within the details. Nevertheless, the configurations themselves are pretty common.

Audio resource

The feedback towards the supply customer will come from the media player such as iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Mediaplayer, or it might also originate from a hardware system attached to your PC — such as a attached to an audio card and sometimes even a laptop microphone. Your resource customer that is selected will show a summary of feasible inputs that you are able to decide to broadcast.


Some supply customers might be ready to encode into numerous media platforms. Nevertheless, for compatibility with Second Life, you’ll have to use mp3. The 2Nd Life audience in your fans’ finish doesn’t help different platforms, or WMA Ogg. More, you’ll discover that should you attempt to make use of the mp3 encoding configurations that are many perfect, skips will be experienced by your fans within the flow. It’s best to not utilize something greater than 44.1 kHz, music, 64 kbps. You ought to be ready to locate these configurations gathered together.

Revealing the flow host

Finally, you’ll have to identify the Shoutcast/Icecast streaming host to that the supply customer may link. This is within the type of a Code, and a port-number or an IP, a link. Some customers that are loading permit you to develop a ‘collection’ of machines, each interface, using their own link, and code. Should you frequently execute in a quantity of locations this really is useful. Each location may have its machine. This enables one have all of the ideals established at the same time, and to, once designed, simply pick a given locationis host from the checklist. You’ll have to personally enter this information each time for every location in case your supply customer doesn’t have this function.


For every detailed application loading customer, I record additional characteristics, what platform it operates upon, and the cost, where you are able to acquire it. After scanning this post, you ought to be prepared to select a loading supply customer that matches with your requirements.

I’ll first determine exactly what the different characteristics imply before I record the options.

Operating System (OS) – This lets you know what operating process the loading supply customer is suitable for. You will find options for Macos Windows, Linux -like OSs.

Plugin – Some Shoutcast/Icecast supply customers are ‘extensions’, which run within applications that are additional. A good example may be the Shoutcast DSP Plugin, which puts ‘into’ Winamp like a sponsor. Supply customers that are additional run-in their very own screen, supplying themselves to all required operation such like this website

Report performance – Some supply customers may also report (or ‘store’) your flow. The flow isn’t just delivered onto the loading host, however it also is created being an file for your pcis drive. This enables one to play your flow back in a later day.

Showing the applicants

Bottom (broadcast by using this device)

Linux, Windows and MacOS.
Open-source project located on Sourceforge
Loading and recording with various bitrates

This comparative beginner offers all of the performance that you simply need or would require. Runs on just about any pc, and the truth that it’s free, causes it to be an excellent option.


Macos, Windows, Linux UNIX
Makes Winamp Standard
The Shoutcast DSP Plugin is made by Shoutcast
Sponsor media Plugin and player
No built-in performance that was saving

This answer continues to be the pillar because of its cost, mainly within the Windows industry.


$40 (free trial)
Mac OS
Rogueamoeba may be the company behind Nicecast
Store function

For a long time, it has been the conventional within the Mac industry. Full-featured.


Spacialaudio provides simplecast
No built-in performance that was saving

This choice originates from a business having a full-line of web radio resources that are skilled.

$60 (free trial)
Reaper is made by Cockos
Landoleet is where you are able to obtain the reaper_shoutcast.dll plugin (this isn’t just like the Shoutcast DSP Plugin for Winamp)
Sponsor DAW and Plugin
Complete multitrack recording capacity

Reaper is just a whole-performed DAW, from the organization started from the man who first created technology. Exceptionally effective, with difficulty to complement.


Oddsock makes edcast
Accessible like a plugin for Winamp, or either standalone.
Camera not builtin.

Each EdCast and its precursor Oddcast are in the same creator, along with numerous additional helpful audio resources (including a flow recorder).

Please, the cover

I would recommend that you simply begin with bottom if you should be simply starting out in loading your audio into Second Life. Ridiculous title, I understand. Nevertheless, it does everything you want to buy to complete is free, and operates exactly the same method on any computer you are prone to have. Plus, it’s an open-source plan, and therefore its potential is virtually guaranteed.

The options that are additional could be good aswell. All of them function virtually hiccup-free. There might be some explanation to choose another over bottom in case your requirements are distinctive.

I take advantage of Reaper using the Shoutcast plugin. Reaper is just a whole-presented audio creation DAW like Pro-Tools, Reasoning, Sonar, etc. actually, it had been my DAW before I began loading into Second Life. The truth that Reaper is in the man the man that created internet-radio (in addition to Winamp, Gnutella, and other contemporary requirements) retains powerful swing with me.

Want to Buy Lebaran’s Cloth at Online Store? Check Us First Tips!

Advances in technology offers a variety of facilities that facilitate humans. One of them with an online clothing store .

The rise of this online clothing store provides us as a consumer of various conveniences. For example, by shopping at online stores , we do not have to run out of time to go out of the house.

Just imagine, approaching promo indomaret Lebaran like this, you want to buy clothes but lazy because they have to jam-jam. The most appropriate choice is shopping at online stores.

But indeed, there are some disadvantages when we shop online, especially when shopping clothing such as clothes or shoes.

Citing page, here are tips for you who want to shop clothes online :

1. Understanding about size

The problem faced when shopping for promo giant clothes online is we can not try it. Therefore, you should know the benchmark size of the shirt.

Sometimes there are sizes that use numbers like from 4 to 28. But there is also a dress size using letters like S, M, L and XL.

2. Choose a quality online store

Currently there are several retail stores that make online buying sites. Of course it will make it easier for you to find clothes promo carrefour, because the online store is definitely maintained quality.

Beyond that, there are also online clothing stores that stand independent or not extension retail stores. For this store, you must be vigilant. The reason is sometimes the quality of clothes sold is not the same.

3. Check the price

With the rise of online clothing stores , you should take a chance promo alfamidi. Sometimes for the same product the price will differ between one online store with another online store . Therefore, always compare prices.

4. Make sure delivery is reliable

Some stores do not ship their goods around the world. So it’s a good idea to check in advance if reservations from your location are possible.

Also, make sure that the store also has a secure and seamless delivery of shipping process, because customers never want to wait too long to get the product promo alfamart ordered.

If you are going to buy goods, of course you do not want to buy a low quality or fake. That’s why you should choose a store with strict management on the vendor and its products.

How And What To Cook When You Are Convalescing

In a previous guide, we talked about how to measure the temperature and, we also made a mention of the famous how much chicken soup to eat during the convalescence period. In this other guide, therefore, we want to devote more attention to everything we need to eat when our body temperature rises and inevitably forces us to spend a few days in bed.

Always in a previous guide, we showed you the enormous benefits of chicken broth since, being rich in proteins, it will promote healing and its broth will relieve irritated throat. In this guide we will examine the topic by illustrating useful recipes and methods for cooking them, starting from the chicken broth!

Chicken broth

Rinse a hen from broth and cut into pieces, distributing it in a pan accompanied by two tablespoons of salt and a little water. Then let it boil for a good half hour. Then pass the stock through a strainer and remove the meat from the bones, grind it well and put it back in the stock. Then put the pan on the fire bringing the stock to the boil. Then add a large carrot, celery, two onions, a tomato, a potato, a handful of parsley, a pinch of pepper and boil another twenty minutes or until the vegetables are not tender.

To make the stock denser, you can add half a handful of rice. Also you can get more information about chicken broth at musikji


puree Cook in a pot of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, add a dash of milk, salt and pepper and, once cooked, crush them vigorously.

Burly egg

Use a container slightly larger than the size of the egg, also equipped with a glass lid and suitable for the microwave oven. Season the egg in a variety of ways; you can use, diced bread, onion, bacon, tomato, cheese, and spices; add half a tablespoon of butter, cover and cook in the microwave several times in thirty seconds each, until the albumen has coagulated.

Soup of bread and milk

Cut two slices of bread into cubes and place them all inside a cup, do this, pour over the lukewarm skimmed milk and sprinkle with a little ‘sugar. This meal is excellent for children, especially when they have a reddened throat.

As for other small and useful advice, I can tell you with certainty that during the flu is not the case to gorge, but you must always eat straightforward foods and above all digest quickly, then go ahead with lean ham or bresaola, lean meats, and fish, pasta or rice but little seasoned.

Finally, after describing what to eat, let us briefly discuss what to drink during the convalescence period. Drink lots of water or lots of orange or lemon juices. If it is freezing, even an infusion perhaps sweetened with honey will prove to be a panacea. Obviously, avoid alcoholic drinks or those rich in caffeine.

Kitchen Makeover for More Comfortable and New Look

For Housewives, a kitchen is a place where most of the time in a day is spent. But often, the kitchen is the last place to think if you want to do renovation or makeover a comfortable home. Though it only takes a little time and imagination to turn on the general kitchen atmosphere becomes more attractive and does not require a lot of costs.

A new color

It’s OK if you want to change the overall paint color of the walls in the kitchen, but the cost is indeed more significant than this one idea. A slight splash of paint will change the atmosphere of your kitchen. The price for wall paint is relatively low and, it takes just a little color on one side of the wall to create a new kitchen atmosphere. Choosing colors that contrast with your kitchen cabinet doors and cabinets will give the impression of an instant makeover in the kitchen. If you want to keep your kitchen color scheme, provide a new atmosphere with additional kitchen accessories that have different colors.

Choose your accessories wisely

Everyone has different interior design tastes in the kitchen. Before choosing accessories in the kitchen consider first whether you like a kitchen that has a lot of cookware with a place that is easy to reach? Or do you want the kitchen with a slightly messy arrangement? Or a neat kitchen with covered shelves? This decision will help you when planning the shelf shape, storage cabinet, and kitchen utensils.

Tidy kitchen equipment

Look back at your collection of kitchen utensils. If any of them have been unused or damaged immediately get rid of and replace with a new one. Cleaning the kitchen of unnecessary items will make your kitchen look neater, cleaner, and modern.

Improve lighting in the kitchen

Many homes use loud fluorescent lighting in their kitchens. Try calling your electrician and replace with softer lighting. Soft lighting will replace the atmosphere of the kitchen and improve the mood of the room.

Add shelves, herbs, and seats.

The kitchen is all about the sights and aromas. The kitchen looked warmer with a neat scene, fragrant bread from a warm oven, the aroma of cooking for dinner, and the smell of boiling soup. Aroma becomes an essential point in the kitchen; the aroma is the main magnet to attract other family members to the kitchen. If your kitchen is big enough, you can add some chairs in the kitchen. The addition of several family members in the kitchen will create a warmer and more pleasant atmosphere during cooking.

Make some shelves or shelves filled with jars of herbs or spices. Other additions such as wicker baskets filled with fresh fruit or bread can also create a warmer kitchen atmosphere.

Consult your kitchen renovation with the help of interior designer Interior omdimas Design options for a new kitchen view more leverage.

Prevention and Treatment of Cataracts in The Eye

Lens cloudy in the eye is cataract in the eye. The eyepiece should be clear and translucent (normally), but due to cataracts the eye lens will become opaque.

Before discussing how to treat it, then let’s first about the types of cataracts themselves. Cataracts are divided into 4 types, namely:

Congenital Cataracts

Namely cataracts that occur in infants / children. Usually caused by texoplasmosis and rubella infection in the mother during pregnancy.

Cataract Senilis

Is a cataract caused by natural aging. This cataract is the fastest occurring at the age of 40 years or more. If left unchecked, the eyepiece will become hard and cloudy.

Traumatic Cataracts

Namely cataracts caused by an accident.

Complicated Katarak

What happens because of an infection or because of certain diseases, such as diabetes.

Symptoms of cataracts include:

  • Decreased visual acuity
  • Seeing something like that appears in the fog in front of him
  • Double vision
  • Sensitive to light
  • Night vision is more comfortable than daylight

What needs to be done to avoid cataracts include:

  • Don’t get used to rubbing your eyes
  • Use dark glasses during the day / under direct sunlight.
  • Do not carelessly use eye medication
  • Do not let the eyes get spray spray
  • Eat carrots to keep your eyes healthy
  • Try not to get splashed with sand, fireworks.
  • Food must be considered, try balanced nutrition

How to treat cataracts

Until now no medicine has been found, either drops or vitamins that can directly cure cataracts. Operation is the path you must take for treatment.

That is a brief description of cataracts that occur in the eye. Hopefully you can take advantage of it.

Positive and Negative Effects of Consuming Coffee

Coffee is a drink that is very popular with most Indonesian people. However, you also have to be wary of friends staying up late, because in coffee there is a caffeine content, which is the content that can give an opiate effect to people who consume it.

Behind the black drink there are effects (positive and negative in it), so you must be wise in consuming these drinks. Some of the effects that can arise from these drinks include:

Positive Effects of Coffee

When consuming coffee in reasonable amounts and not excessive, coffee is actually beneficial for the body, including:

  • Since coffee has caffeine content that can be used for diuretics (stimulates the production of urine glands)
  • Can also be a stimulant (stimulant) to work the brain.
  • Can stimulate the work of the heart in the body.

From the positive effects you need to remember is to consume coffee in a reasonable amount and not excessive.

Negative Effects of Coffee

In addition to positive effects, coffee also has a negative effect (especially if you consume excessive amounts). These negative effects include:

  • Can cause insomnia
  • The heart can pound
  • May cause infants who are in poisoning

From the brief description above, you should pay attention to not consume excessively. Hopefully you can benefit from these short and simple writings. Hopefully you are always given health.

Tips to Keep Vegetables Green After Cooked

Vegetables that are initially green will experience discoloration if they are cooked. Now that can cause not only the cuisine to be less attractive, but it can also reduce the delicacy.

Then what needs to be done so that the cooked vegetables remain green and don’t change color? Do a number of ways below:

  • Cook the water to boil
  • Give the vegetable oil to it
  • The comparison is 1: 1 (1 liter of water: 1 tbsp of vegetable oil)
  • When it’s boiling, immediately enter the vegetables
  • Cook for just two minutes
  • Then lift and drain
  • Put the vegetables in a bowl of ice water.

That’s an easy way for vegetables to not change color when cooked. Eat vegetables regularly so that your body is always fit and healthy. Reduce meat that has high fat and multiply vegetables to make your body fit. Hopefully this brief review is useful for you.

How To Avoid Back Pain

It has nothing to do with how old you are, back pain or, worse, the “stroke of the witch” indiscriminately affects men and women, adults and young people. Just a wrong movement, even if accidental and there is no escape.

The most common cause of back pain is the tension generated by a wrong posture, which we can assume standing, sitting, in bed, in front of the TV, in the car or at the desk.
If we all suffered at least once in their lives we know how annoying it is, so here are some practical tips to apply in everyday life to avoid back pain.


  1. Do not carry bags, suitcases, shopping bags and who knows what else with one hand, but try to spread the weight between the two arms. Also, alternate from one shoulder to another with handbags and purses.
  2. At the supermarket, load and download one item at a time from the cart.
  3. To lift an object from the ground or a weight, bend your knees and fairy lever on your legs with your back straight.
  4. Avoid vertiginous heels. The optimal height is 3-5 cm for women and 2 for men.
  5. In the car for driving, place the seat so that the knees are higher than the hips and the arms are neither too bent nor too tight.
  6. If you have to turn with a weight in your hands or to take a side object, do not rotate your torso only, but also move your feet.
  7. To read in bed you are not half on and half down, but rest your whole back on a vertical cushion.
  8. Do not sleep on your stomach on a mattress that is too soft.
  9. To get out of bed, turn on your side, near the edge, and stand up on your arms and place your feet on the ground.
  10. Avoid too low and soft armchairs, chairs and sofas. To sit down, lean the trunk on the back and do not cross your legs. To get up, use your arms on the armrests or the seat.

Correct posture and some physical exercise to protect the back from wear and tear complete the picture.