The Advantages of Cassava Flour Compared to Wheat Flour

During this time cassava is only in one eye, namely village snacks that lack quality. Though with good processing cassava can be made various snacks both wet and dry. Cassava can also be used as flour as a raw material for food using flour.

Brownis and cake are snacks made from flour. But along with the discovery of cassava flour, flour can be replaced with cassava flour which has many advantages. Regarding taste is also no less delicious using flour.

The following are the advantages of cassava flour compared to ordinary flour:

  • For the type of cake steamed it is very suitable to use cassava flour because cassava flour has less water content so that the cake ripens quickly when steamed.
  • Have higher sugar levels so the use of sugar or other sweeteners is more economical.
  • It has a denser texture so that its use is more economical.
  • Easy to absorb any flavor enhancer because cassava flour has a neutral taste.
  • The price is easy to reach because cassava flour is cheaper.
  • After being processed into a cake, its durability is longer than that made from wheat flour.
  • Can be stored for up to a year, while wheat flour is only a month already cured.
  • The cake made from cassava flour is a unique snack and tastes better than the flour raw material cake.

Those are the various advantages of cassava flour compared to ordinary flour. May be useful.

The Right Step Before Starting a Business

Most people consider starting a business / business as a very difficult matter, there are also those who think that starting a business is always synonymous with large capital. This will actually trap someone into the wrong paradigm.

I say this because there are actually many types of businesses that can be run with little or no capital. There are many examples, of course, no need to go far, observe and pay attention to your environment, then you will find various types of businesses that can be run with this small capital.

In general, many types of businesses can be run with small capital, for example business ventures to market other people’s products that are needed by many people, food and beverage business, handicraft business, or services such as haircuts, tire patch business, etc. Can you imagine these efforts, not how much is the capital?

Start by determining the type of business that you think will develop well, but you must also consider that the business must be in accordance with your talents and interests or in other words that the business is your hobby or pleasure.

Before starting a business, you should consider the following steps:

  1. Explore the ins and outs of the types of businesses that you will run. This is to find out the good or bad type of business, then how the consumer response to the business.
  2. Read market opportunities or market aspects. Successful entrepreneurs will certainly observe potential market opportunities before starting a business.
  3. Develop a business plan. This is related to the determination of names, marketing strategies, additional capital, etc. Usually small businesses that are just starting will be determined by the strategic location aspect. In this case you must check the appropriate location (adjusted for capital), also pay attention to market conditions, potential demand, and regional development prospects.
  4. Do it immediately. The idea that arises will be in vain if it is not immediately implemented. Then immediately start your business, do it full of hard work and don’t give up easily. And the important thing is don’t forget to pray so that your business is given fluency.

Those are the steps you must do before starting a business. Hopefully useful for you.

Easy Recipe for Making Ruwet Fried Rice

Ruwet Fried Rice is another form of fried rice, which in its presentation includes basic ingredients of noodles and other ingredients like making ordinary fried rice. Maybe because of the addition of noodles mixed with other ingredients this is why the rice is called complicated fried rice.

With the addition of noodles in the fried rice, it will add another flavor to ordinary fried rice. Are you curious to try it immediately? Immediately I will give the recipe:

Ruwet Fried Rice Recipe


  • Prepare cooked rice (- / + 200 grams)
  • 1 pack of instant noodles (can be replaced with other types of noodles). Cook like making instant noodles
  • 2 eggs (1 egg fried scrambled and 1 egg for a cow’s eye)
  • 1 small tomato, then thinly sliced
  • Just enough chives, then slice
  • Oil for sautéing.


  • 2 garlic cloves, chopped and minced until smooth
  • 4 red onion cloves, chopped and chopped
  • 4 pieces of raw chili, thinly sliced
  • 1 tsp chili sauce
  • 1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon oyster sauce
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar is enough
  • Sufficient pepper powder

How to make:

  • Heat oil to saute
  • Saute red and white onions until fragrant
  • Add tomatoes, chillies, stir-fry again
  • Put sugar, salt and pepper
  • Enter the rice with scrambled eggs, chives, mix well
  • Pour soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili sauce. Stir again
  • Then add the cooked noodles.
  • Mix well until cooked and evenly mixed.
  • Pour into the plate, then add the egg to the cow’s eye on top.
  • Ready to be served.

Easy is not the way to make it? Good luck and hope this brief description adds to your insight into culinary.

Some Things That Need To Be Prepared During Homecoming

Soon to arrive when going home Lebaran. If you also have the intention to go home then you have to pay attention to a number of things that you should know so that your homecoming is safe and comfortable.

The first is to determine the type of transportation that you will make the media for going home, whether to use a plane, train, ship, bus, travel, or use your own vehicle (car or motorcycle).

If as a means of transportation you are a type of private car, then you should note the following:

  • Pay attention to the readiness of your car, check all the important devices in your car, such as the brakes, engine conditions, tires in prime condition, etc. Also other things like air conditioning, light function, seat belt.
  • All letters must be taken, don’t miss them.
  • Body and psychological conditions must be excellent
  • Equip with medical supplies, first aid kits, etc.
  • Bring enough food.
  • Bring cash (various types, can change and paper money).
  • Equip yourself with important numbers (police, hospital, crane, etc.)
  • Try to have entertainment (tape, VCD, TV) in the car
  • Equip with sophisticated devices such as smartphones, GPS.
  • Make sure to bring toys when you invite your children.

Those are simple tips to keep your trip back and forth safe, comfortable and enjoyable, hopefully it will be useful.

Safe and Comfortable Homecoming

Homecoming or returning home is the most awaited thing for the nomads who complain about other areas / cities. Soon to enter the fitri month (Eid al-Fitr), then the moment will be the right time for the nomads to go home. But sometimes because of the feeling of someone who is soon to meet his relatives / relatives, many people don’t pay attention to comfort and safety.

Then what things need to be considered when going home? Here I will try to give the description:

Prepare a Plan

  • You need to determine how long you will be going home.
  • Then also note what things you will do in the village besides meeting with relatives.
  • Determine the route you want to go through, this is important to avoid things that are not desired, such as traffic jams, broken roads, etc.
  • Also make sure the number of vehicles / cars you will carry is not too many.
  • Aside from these things, convince you how strong you are driving, if anyone can drive other than you, that will be something good.
  • Calculate all costs that you will incur, fuel costs, meal costs, etc. This aims to avoid lack of funds on the way.
  • Make sure the condition of the house is safe when left homecoming, such as electricity, gas, doors, etc.

Vehicle Preparation

  • The vehicle must be in top condition. Check all your vehicle’s devices. Service to a trusted workshop
  • Make sure the engine oil, brake fluid, oil transfer is in good condition and safe. When it is necessary to replace the oil, brake oil.
  • Perform balancing and spooring for tires.
  • Make sure the radiator is in good condition
  • The function of all lights must be considered.
  • If there is air conditioning in your vehicle, check whether the function is still normal or not
  • Vehicle tools that are of an entertainment nature must also be considered, such as tape, CD, or TV.
  • This is useful to provide comfort for your trip.
  • Make sure all security features are in good condition.
  • Prepare Car Needs
  • Always carry a jack, tire pump, safety triangle, water for wipers, radiator cooler, jamper tool.
  • Don’t forget the spare tire
  • Bring important telephone numbers, such as police stations, hospitals, towing services, etc.
  • Make sure all your vehicle papers are carried.

Self Preparation

  • Emotions must always be controlled when traveling
  • Take lots of vitamins
  • Rest immediately when sleepy

Concentrate on driving

  • Do not get used to doing other activities while driving (sms, phone, meals, etc.)

Those are some of the things that you need to pay attention to when you are going home to stay safe and comfortable, hopefully it will be useful.

Get to Know More About Heart Disease

Most people assume that heart disease is only owned by people who are more than 50 years old or more. In fact, many also think that heart disease will only be experienced by people who are entrepreneurs, high officials, and people who have a high level of activity.

This assumption is very incorrect, because now there have been many incidents of young people who experience the disease. But for people who have high obesity levels, rarely exercise because of their likes, irregular eating is a picture of people who must be aware of the disease.

The following are things that must be known and get a portion of more attention related to heart disease, including:

Pain and chest pressure

You must understand that heart disease is initially characterized by simple symptoms, one of which is pain and chest pressure that can cause shortness of breath. In addition, some things that are the initial signs are discomfort that spreads to the back, jaw, throat, or shoulder. Nausea, indigestion, heartburn are other signs. Also the heartbeat beats quickly and irregularly. If you have experienced things like the above, immediately consult your doctor.

Indications for heart attack in women

In women, a heart attack is characterized by nausea, lack of appetite, easy fatigue, weakness, coughing, and palpitations. If you have a woman who has symptoms like the one above, then immediately check your condition to the doctor, so that your disease is immediately known. If indeed it is a heart disease, then you can immediately proceed to intense treatment.

Recognize signs of coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease occurs because of the presence of plaque on the inner wall of the coronary arteries that narrows the arteries, so that blood becomes difficult to flow. Many people who do not understand the disease can occur, resulting in a heart attack. The solution is to always check up regularly.

Heart attack

The plaque found in the arteries is hard outside but very soft inside. Sometimes the hard outer part can crack, resulting in blood sticking and freezing around it. If this happens, the blood flow will be blocked, causing the blood supply to the heart to stop. This is called a heart attack. So immediately take care so that the heart muscle is not damaged and destroyed.

Sudden death

Sudden death accounts for half of the total deaths caused by the heart. Sudden death or sudden cardiac death (SCD) is not the same as a heart attack, SCD occurs when the heart’s electrical system is damaged which causes an irregular and rapid heartbeat.

Congenital heart defects

Is a heart damage that occurs from birth. Can be seen in a leaky heart valve, heart chamber abnormalities, or other heart problems. People who have congenital heart defects will have a higher risk of arrhythmias, heart failure, and heart valve infections.

Those are some things that you should pay attention to in an effort to get to know more about heart disease. Generally men have a higher risk of heart disease. So be wise in doing activities to reduce the risk of the heart.

  • Some tips for preventing heart disease
  • Regular exercise, at least try to walk every day
  • Stay away from foods with high cholesterol
  • Check up regularly
  • Enough rest
  • Immediately consult a doctor if you experience things that I have described above

Hopefully this review is useful.

Get to Know Nearer Bird Flu

Bird flu is a disease caused by infulenza virus. There are 3 types of this type of virus, the type A, B, and C. Type A is the influenza virus found in animals such as pigs, poultry, horses, seals, and whales but can be transmitted to humans. While the virus types B and C only infect humans and can not be transmitted to animals.

Symptoms that appear in birds that suffer from bird flu sufferers include:

  • Decreased production and hatchability of eggs / can even stop altogether
  • Respiratory disorders like the sound of people snoring
  • Reddish feet
  • Removes fluid from the eyes and nose
  • Inflammation of the nostrils
  • Swelling on the head and face
  • Hair loss and diarrhea
  • Sudden death occurred

Those are the symptoms that occur in poultry, the following symptoms that occur in humans:

  • Having respiratory infections (ARI)
  • High fever (temperature reaches 38 ° C or more
  • Cold cough and sore throat
  • Dizziness and clear mucus from the nose
  • Inflammation of the lining of the eye and lungs
  • Diarrhea and vomiting

Patients with bird flu must be treated immediately so that the body’s condition does not deteriorate quickly. The patient will experience pneumonia and decreased immunity, if the condition is so, the patient is usually not helped anymore.

Treatment. For animals that have contracted bird flu, it must be immediately discarded and burned so as not to spread to humans. Usually to reduce the disease in humans will be given anti-viral drugs such as amantadine, rimantadin, oseltamifir, zanamivir. But it turns out bird flu is immune to this type of drug. So until now there has not been a truly effective drug for the disease. Immediately bring the affected person to the hospital to be treated further.

Because there is already known danger and there is no effective drug from the bird flu disease, then you should prevent you from getting the disease. The trick is:

  • Get used to washing with anti-septic soap and do disinfection every time you make contact with poultry
  • Use complete protective equipment and masks, gloves and glasses if you want to make contact with birds.
  • Cooking eggs and poultry meat thoroughly ripe
  • Avoid places identified by bird flu

That is a brief description of bird flu. Hopefully you are always healthy and avoid the disease in order to be able to do normal activities. May be useful.

Prevention and Treatment of Cataracts in The Eye

Lens cloudy in the eye is cataract in the eye. The eyepiece should be clear and translucent (normally), but due to cataracts the eye lens will become opaque.

Before discussing how to treat it, then let’s first about the types of cataracts themselves. Cataracts are divided into 4 types, namely:

Congenital Cataracts

Namely cataracts that occur in infants / children. Usually caused by texoplasmosis and rubella infection in the mother during pregnancy.

Cataract Senilis

Is a cataract caused by natural aging. This cataract is the fastest occurring at the age of 40 years or more. If left unchecked, the eyepiece will become hard and cloudy.

Traumatic Cataracts

Namely cataracts caused by an accident.

Complicated Katarak

What happens because of an infection or because of certain diseases, such as diabetes.

Symptoms of cataracts include:

  • Decreased visual acuity
  • Seeing something like that appears in the fog in front of him
  • Double vision
  • Sensitive to light
  • Night vision is more comfortable than daylight

What needs to be done to avoid cataracts include:

  • Don’t get used to rubbing your eyes
  • Use dark glasses during the day / under direct sunlight.
  • Do not carelessly use eye medication
  • Do not let the eyes get spray spray
  • Eat carrots to keep your eyes healthy
  • Try not to get splashed with sand, fireworks.
  • Food must be considered, try balanced nutrition

How to treat cataracts

Until now no medicine has been found, either drops or vitamins that can directly cure cataracts. Operation is the path you must take for treatment.

That is a brief description of cataracts that occur in the eye. Hopefully you can take advantage of it.

Positive and Negative Effects of Consuming Coffee

Coffee is a drink that is very popular with most Indonesian people. However, you also have to be wary of friends staying up late, because in coffee there is a caffeine content, which is the content that can give an opiate effect to people who consume it.

Behind the black drink there are effects (positive and negative in it), so you must be wise in consuming these drinks. Some of the effects that can arise from these drinks include:

Positive Effects of Coffee

When consuming coffee in reasonable amounts and not excessive, coffee is actually beneficial for the body, including:

  • Since coffee has caffeine content that can be used for diuretics (stimulates the production of urine glands)
  • Can also be a stimulant (stimulant) to work the brain.
  • Can stimulate the work of the heart in the body.

From the positive effects you need to remember is to consume coffee in a reasonable amount and not excessive.

Negative Effects of Coffee

In addition to positive effects, coffee also has a negative effect (especially if you consume excessive amounts). These negative effects include:

  • Can cause insomnia
  • The heart can pound
  • May cause infants who are in poisoning

From the brief description above, you should pay attention to not consume excessively. Hopefully you can benefit from these short and simple writings. Hopefully you are always given health.

Tips to Keep Vegetables Green After Cooked

Vegetables that are initially green will experience discoloration if they are cooked. Now that can cause not only the cuisine to be less attractive, but it can also reduce the delicacy.

Then what needs to be done so that the cooked vegetables remain green and don’t change color? Do a number of ways below:

  • Cook the water to boil
  • Give the vegetable oil to it
  • The comparison is 1: 1 (1 liter of water: 1 tbsp of vegetable oil)
  • When it’s boiling, immediately enter the vegetables
  • Cook for just two minutes
  • Then lift and drain
  • Put the vegetables in a bowl of ice water.

That’s an easy way for vegetables to not change color when cooked. Eat vegetables regularly so that your body is always fit and healthy. Reduce meat that has high fat and multiply vegetables to make your body fit. Hopefully this brief review is useful for you.