How To Avoid Back Pain

It has nothing to do with how old you are, back pain or, worse, the “stroke of the witch” indiscriminately affects men and women, adults and young people. Just a wrong movement, even if accidental and there is no escape.

The most common cause of back pain is the tension generated by a wrong posture, which we can assume standing, sitting, in bed, in front of the TV, in the car or at the desk.
If we all suffered at least once in their lives we know how annoying it is, so here are some practical tips to apply in everyday life to avoid back pain.


  1. Do not carry bags, suitcases, shopping bags and who knows what else with one hand, but try to spread the weight between the two arms. Also, alternate from one shoulder to another with handbags and purses.
  2. At the supermarket, load and download one item at a time from the cart.
  3. To lift an object from the ground or a weight, bend your knees and fairy lever on your legs with your back straight.
  4. Avoid vertiginous heels. The optimal height is 3-5 cm for women and 2 for men.
  5. In the car for driving, place the seat so that the knees are higher than the hips and the arms are neither too bent nor too tight.
  6. If you have to turn with a weight in your hands or to take a side object, do not rotate your torso only, but also move your feet.
  7. To read in bed you are not half on and half down, but rest your whole back on a vertical cushion.
  8. Do not sleep on your stomach on a mattress that is too soft.
  9. To get out of bed, turn on your side, near the edge, and stand up on your arms and place your feet on the ground.
  10. Avoid too low and soft armchairs, chairs and sofas. To sit down, lean the trunk on the back and do not cross your legs. To get up, use your arms on the armrests or the seat.

Correct posture and some physical exercise to protect the back from wear and tear complete the picture.