Buy A Car Or House Is The Process Of Financial

There are many phases in the life of the man who has to be bypassed. Call it starting from passing through puberty with the occurrence of a change in the body, through the times of schools that must face the senior, graduated from college with honors, to find a job and looking better longer.

Foster family? It certainly is one of the goals that will be passed as well. But there is one phase that must also be passed any man if he wants to be branded as a real boy, i.e. buying her first car and House.

For most men, saving up to buy cars and homes in cash of course is not an easy choice. Moreover, with the current car prices even though it’s been labeled cheap, the price is still above Rp 100 million.

Not to mention if it has to buy a House that is priced even cheap house doubled the price of the car. That House with the long name of the House is very simple once (RSSS) or even home subsidy.

That is, mencicil is the most logical choice. A selection of mencicil there is a down payment that must be paid. The current amount from Rp 10 to 30 millions. And saving in the amount will usually take 6-12 months assuming salary Rp 5 million per month with the ability to save 1-2 million per month.

With this assumption, buying a car is not a dream that could come true, right?! Anyway, saving up to Rp 1 million per month is not the amount that is damning. With lifestyle adjustments, then set aside about Rp 35 thousand per day it felt could be redeemed by changing food menu. Only then will you set aside money to pay their monthly installments.

Well, think of a way the payoff is the next step. And here that is not less important and you need to estimate is not to neglect doing the treatment.

Good car or House, they indeed need periodic maintenance. And in the current economic era, the name of treatment, let alone the cars and the House, it is clear that cost is not a little.

The average car requires maintenance costs approximately USD 400 thousand to 1 million every few months. As well as the House. There are maintenance costs that you need to spend every month. Ranging from security, hygiene, to the repair costs in case of damages.

Beyond the cost of care, there are also other costs that need to be taken into account i.e. the cost of use. For cars, there is usually a money to be set aside for the purchase of fuel oil (FUEL), tolls, parking, and so on. As for the House, you have to pay for electricity, gas, PAM, and others.

Certainly the cost we call above is simply the primary costs should you set aside when it already has two things. But it just has. That is, the objects that you buy, whether it’s a house or a car must still be adorned or modified to suit your needs.

And considering the large number of expenses that must be removed, of course eventually we must think carefully and have to weigh up very long to have two of these things. But luckily, this phase not only train you to be able to be grown as a man, but at the same time adult set financially.