Kitchen Makeover for More Comfortable and New Look

For Housewives, a kitchen is a place where most of the time in a day is spent. But often, the kitchen is the last place to think if you want to do renovation or makeover a comfortable home. Though it only takes a little time and imagination to turn on the general kitchen atmosphere becomes more attractive and does not require a lot of costs.

A new color

It’s OK if you want to change the overall paint color of the walls in the kitchen, but the cost is indeed more significant than this one idea. A slight splash of paint will change the atmosphere of your kitchen. The price for wall paint is relatively low and, it takes just a little color on one side of the wall to create a new kitchen atmosphere. Choosing colors that contrast with your kitchen cabinet doors and cabinets will give the impression of an instant makeover in the kitchen. If you want to keep your kitchen color scheme, provide a new atmosphere with additional kitchen accessories that have different colors.

Choose your accessories wisely

Everyone has different interior design tastes in the kitchen. Before choosing accessories in the kitchen consider first whether you like a kitchen that has a lot of cookware with a place that is easy to reach? Or do you want the kitchen with a slightly messy arrangement? Or a neat kitchen with covered shelves? This decision will help you when planning the shelf shape, storage cabinet, and kitchen utensils.

Tidy kitchen equipment

Look back at your collection of kitchen utensils. If any of them have been unused or damaged immediately get rid of and replace with a new one. Cleaning the kitchen of unnecessary items will make your kitchen look neater, cleaner, and modern.

Improve lighting in the kitchen

Many homes use loud fluorescent lighting in their kitchens. Try calling your electrician and replace with softer lighting. Soft lighting will replace the atmosphere of the kitchen and improve the mood of the room.

Add shelves, herbs, and seats.

The kitchen is all about the sights and aromas. The kitchen looked warmer with a neat scene, fragrant bread from a warm oven, the aroma of cooking for dinner, and the smell of boiling soup. Aroma becomes an essential point in the kitchen; the aroma is the main magnet to attract other family members to the kitchen. If your kitchen is big enough, you can add some chairs in the kitchen. The addition of several family members in the kitchen will create a warmer and more pleasant atmosphere during cooking.

Make some shelves or shelves filled with jars of herbs or spices. Other additions such as wicker baskets filled with fresh fruit or bread can also create a warmer kitchen atmosphere.

Consult your kitchen renovation with the help of interior designer Interior omdimas Design options for a new kitchen view more leverage.

Give Fresh Touches to Your Home with Flower Decorations

If you want your home to look fresher, Flowers can be the right choice. The fragrance of flowers every day can also enhance the feeling of comfort in your home. Choose brightly colored flowers that can be combined with leaf color.

You can also choose a more natural way by selecting a flower whose leaves have been cut short. Other variations can also be done by using only one type of flower with a few leaves placed in a small vase.

Flower vase can also be placed on the coffee table of your living room or even in the living room. Corner pantry is also one of the right places to put the vase. Vase has its charm for the room in your home.

If you have a bolder personality, you can choose a vase with bright colors and patterns like the example above.

Transparent vase gives the impression the room looks fresher with the appearance of water in the vase. Do not forget to change the water and flowers in the vase periodically to keep the flowers fresh.

A teapot or glass can be used as a variation of a vase. There are many ways to make your home more refreshed, and the tips above are one way. Happy to be creative!

Dramatic End Touch on a Room with Accent Colors

If you look back at the room inside your house and try to add the finishing touches in your room but do not know what the aesthetic part is missing, maybe the answer is you lack accent color in your room. The accent color is an additional minor color in your room but gives a final touch that great effect your room. Accent color allows the room to be a unified whole with the composition of several different colors. The challenge is how to put some of that color in your room so that the room looks harmonious and not excessive but still displays your style.

Choose Your Color

If you are planning to start looking for what accent colors are right for your room, consider starting with a selection of furniture, artwork, carpets, or sofa cushions you like. Whether you love furniture with a firm and clean line or a green color for your sofa, it is all the detail of your choice to shape how your interior design will be. Choose the colors that are most inspiring, and you want to place them in the room.

The right color choices can have a big effect on the room.

The right color for your room can have a great impact on your room. For a residence, accent color can define your room. Consider using soft colors for the rooms you want to unite and use strong colors for the room you want to define for yourself. A white living room that connects to the dining room can use a bold accent on its walls to bring your guests out of the living room to the dining room without you having to navigate, using only the colors on the walls!

Neutral colors can develop into accent colors

Accent colors are not only bright colors and eye-catching. In fact, neutral colors can also be an accent color because neutral colors can be paired properly with light or dark colors. Bright colors can provide a comfortable impression while dark colors give the impression of more traditional and elegant. If you want to use dark colors as accent colors, consider using natural materials such as wood, iron, and natural stone to accentuate the accents.

If you can not decide what color is most appropriate for your room accent color, start with a neutral color for your wall and add accent colors with small objects like vases of your favorite flowers or wall stickers to add color to your room. Many people change the color of accents in the room in their homes based on certain celebrations each year such as Christmas, school holidays, Easter, and more. This idea you can apply in your home.

Applying accent color to the interior of the room in your home can help create a mood in your home. Accent colors can appear on anything, from walls, sofas, carpets, or furniture. Accent colors will add a dramatic and unexpected finish to the overall look of your room, feel free to add accent colors to your home. Happy to be creative!