Demartini Method And The Law of Attraction

Here is a new post, to continue the knowledge of the contemporary masters of the law of attraction, with John Demartini and the Demartini Method.

John Demartini, born in Houston, Texas, where he has a hard childhood, with seven years, he is diagnosed with dyslexia, and he will never be able to communicate with others. At 17, risk their lives for poisoning …

to a certain point, however, his life changed, thanks to the discovery of philosophy, a subject that fascinates him to such an extent, to induce him to study more than 28,000 texts in as many as 270 different disciplines!

John Demartini, he said, “When you think you can not read or learn about it, you wake up in an appetite for knowledge” maturing specific techniques for empowering the individual.

From These studies, from the knowledge of the law of attraction and his experience of life, John Demartini, coined the Demartini Method, namely the Demartini method, with the aim of teaching to live peacefully without any stress. Overcoming any obstacle and adversity of life, reaching their goals and realizing their dreams.

“I was given a second chance to become a teacher, a healer, and a philosopher; I became a doctor for chiropractic and a clinical researcher to understand the essence of healing I became a professional speaker to learn the art of teaching and became a student of the sciences. Dr. John Demartini

John Demartini in fact, the speaker of courses and seminars all over the world and author of world-renowned books such as “The experience of conquest,” “Success in 31 days, without” stress and “The infinite wisdom of the heart “The Secret”. Divulging the Demartini Method and its knowledge of the law of attraction

Another example of life, from which to undoubtedly take inspiration, to face the adversities of life, positively, with strength and determination, realizing their dreams and their goals!