Safe and Comfortable Homecoming

Homecoming or returning home is the most awaited thing for the nomads who complain about other areas / cities. Soon to enter the fitri month (Eid al-Fitr), then the moment will be the right time for the nomads to go home. But sometimes because of the feeling of someone who is soon to meet his relatives / relatives, many people don’t pay attention to comfort and safety.

Then what things need to be considered when going home? Here I will try to give the description:

Prepare a Plan

  • You need to determine how long you will be going home.
  • Then also note what things you will do in the village besides meeting with relatives.
  • Determine the route you want to go through, this is important to avoid things that are not desired, such as traffic jams, broken roads, etc.
  • Also make sure the number of vehicles / cars you will carry is not too many.
  • Aside from these things, convince you how strong you are driving, if anyone can drive other than you, that will be something good.
  • Calculate all costs that you will incur, fuel costs, meal costs, etc. This aims to avoid lack of funds on the way.
  • Make sure the condition of the house is safe when left homecoming, such as electricity, gas, doors, etc.

Vehicle Preparation

  • The vehicle must be in top condition. Check all your vehicle’s devices. Service to a trusted workshop
  • Make sure the engine oil, brake fluid, oil transfer is in good condition and safe. When it is necessary to replace the oil, brake oil.
  • Perform balancing and spooring for tires.
  • Make sure the radiator is in good condition
  • The function of all lights must be considered.
  • If there is air conditioning in your vehicle, check whether the function is still normal or not
  • Vehicle tools that are of an entertainment nature must also be considered, such as tape, CD, or TV.
  • This is useful to provide comfort for your trip.
  • Make sure all security features are in good condition.
  • Prepare Car Needs
  • Always carry a jack, tire pump, safety triangle, water for wipers, radiator cooler, jamper tool.
  • Don’t forget the spare tire
  • Bring important telephone numbers, such as police stations, hospitals, towing services, etc.
  • Make sure all your vehicle papers are carried.

Self Preparation

  • Emotions must always be controlled when traveling
  • Take lots of vitamins
  • Rest immediately when sleepy

Concentrate on driving

  • Do not get used to doing other activities while driving (sms, phone, meals, etc.)

Those are some of the things that you need to pay attention to when you are going home to stay safe and comfortable, hopefully it will be useful.

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