The Advantages of Cassava Flour Compared to Wheat Flour

During this time cassava is only in one eye, namely village snacks that lack quality. Though with good processing cassava can be made various snacks both wet and dry. Cassava can also be used as flour as a raw material for food using flour.

Brownis and cake are snacks made from flour. But along with the discovery of cassava flour, flour can be replaced with cassava flour which has many advantages. Regarding taste is also no less delicious using flour.

The following are the advantages of cassava flour compared to ordinary flour:

  • For the type of cake steamed it is very suitable to use cassava flour because cassava flour has less water content so that the cake ripens quickly when steamed.
  • Have higher sugar levels so the use of sugar or other sweeteners is more economical.
  • It has a denser texture so that its use is more economical.
  • Easy to absorb any flavor enhancer because cassava flour has a neutral taste.
  • The price is easy to reach because cassava flour is cheaper.
  • After being processed into a cake, its durability is longer than that made from wheat flour.
  • Can be stored for up to a year, while wheat flour is only a month already cured.
  • The cake made from cassava flour is a unique snack and tastes better than the flour raw material cake.

Those are the various advantages of cassava flour compared to ordinary flour. May be useful.

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